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We’re one of the local automotive industry’s trusted veterans. It’s our aim to help customers upgrade their current vehicles with a range of aftermarket products, covering both car audio and car security. We specialise in Thatcham approved tracking systems.

Just a short trip from busy locations such as Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, our friendly team are on hand to provide a one-stop service. From advice and assistance in navigating our catalogue of vehicles and aftermarket systems, to car audio, Apple CarPlay, dash cams, parking sensors and more.

Our Services

Car Audio

Have your car fitted with the latest car audio and entertainment systems by calling the team at Sounds The Business and arranging a personalised fitting.

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Trackers & Dash Cams

Improve the safety of your car, or your fleet, by having trackers and dash cams fitted by our dependable team of installers, located in West Sussex.

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Car Security

Your car deserves the latest security features. In a world where things aren’t always changing for the better, we can help to make it much more secure.

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Car Audio

If you enjoy listening to music while you drive, or if the sound quality of your current system isn’t giving you the pleasure it once did, Sounds The Business is here to upgrade your car audio installation and enhance your experience. We can supply and fit today’s most innovative car audio systems so our customers from Ford, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Sussex can play their favourite songs and artists on physical formats or through their paid streaming services.

Our installation times are responsive, and a new car audio system will add to a vehicle’s value if it is still fitted when the owner decides to sell it.

Apple CarPlay Installation

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, we can provide a smarter and safer way to listen to content while you stay focused on the road. In addition to having the latest music and podcasts at your fingertips, an Apple CarPlay installation will help you to make calls, send and receive SMS messages and even offer turn-by-turn directional advice so that even when you are driving, you never pose a danger to yourself, to other road users or to members of the public.

Compatible with iOS 13 and above, an Apple CarPlay installation provides a simple view of the road ahead from one interface with Siri suggestions.

Vehicle Trackers

With instances of car theft rising sharply in recent years, we have seen steady increases in the number of private motorists, companies and fleet operators that come to us to have vehicle trackers installed. Trackers use modern GPS or VHF technology to calculate the exact position of your car or fleet. Our installations offer reassurance for local drivers, and they also help businesses in Sussex to monitor the movement of people, product and equipment.

Hardwired or operated with a battery, vehicle trackers have an assortment of features. Note that VHF installations are more secure but often require you to pay a monthly fee for a subscription service so factor this into your budget.

Vehicle Dash Cams

Vehicle dash cams mount to the interior of your car and record images and sound of a high quality while you drive. None of us are ever aware of when an accident with another car, or a collision with a pedestrian, might happen. If we did, then cash cams wouldn’t be as sought-after as they are. We supply and fit products from leading manufacturers which record everything that happens on the road, inside and outside of your car, for a variety of reasons.

Should you be involved in an accident, vehicle dash cams can help insurers to establish liabilities. An installation could protect you and your premium.

Vehicle Immobiliser Fitting

Trackers and dash cams can be especially useful if a car has been stolen or involved in an accident, but immobilisers can play an important role in making sure your vehicle can’t be taken unless the correct key or fob is within the vicinity of the device. Immobilisers can stop cars and fleet vehicles from starting or running. Without the correct key or fob, it is also impossible for a potential car thief to hotwire and start a car, so this is a great deterrent.

Sounds The Business offers a vehicle immobiliser fitting service in our home location of Ford, and in all surrounding Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Surrey areas.

Car Security

At Sounds The Business, our core objective is to provide every customer and client with a car security system that will ease any concerns or worries they might have. Everybody is different and will have their own reasons, and their own expected spend, when it comes to choosing suitable security equipment. For those with low-value cars in high-crime areas, steering wheel locks will still act as a deterrent but won’t be as dissuasive as a camera or a tracker.

We excel in giving our customers and client the best advice on car security. Our installers can fit a suitable product from a diverse range of equipment.

Whether you’re interested in car security and audio upgrades or car sales, contact Sounds The Business near Littlehampton and Bognor Regis today. Reach us on 01903 732775 (car hi-fi) or 01903 899 337 (car sales)


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