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Why bother with aftermarket upgrades?

There are many benefits to investing in aftermarket upgrades with STB. These can include:

  • Enhanced Comfort – Aftermarket upgrades can also enhance the comfort of your car. For example, you can install a new car audio system to enjoy your favourite music – perhaps even an Apple CarPlay installation – or you can add heated seats to stay warm on cold days.
  • Increased Car Security – Aftermarket upgrades can also increase safety and car security. For example, you can install vehicle dash cams to record your driving and provide evidence in the event of an accident, or you can add vehicle trackers to help you find your car if it is stolen.
  • Improved Performance: And while it’s not an area we ourselves assist Bognor Regis motorists in, keep in mind that aftermarket upgrades can improve your car's performance in a number of ways. For example, you can install a new exhaust system to improve horsepower and acceleration, or you can upgrade your brakes to improve stopping power.

What are some of the most popular aftermarket upgrades?

Some of the most popular aftermarket upgrades we are constantly installing for Bognor Regis customers, include:

  • Improved Car Audio Systems – A new car audio system can make your car a more enjoyable place to be. You can choose from a wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and head units to create a system that suits your taste and budget.
  • Apple CarPlay Installation – Investing in an Apple CarPlay installation will allow the Bognor Regis iPhone faithful to use their handset’s features in their car audio and infotainment system. This includes things like making phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and using navigation.
  • Vehicle Trackers – A vehicle tracker can help you find your car if it is stolen. Vehicle trackers trace your car's location in real time, so you can see where it is at all times – whether it’s still in the Bognor Regis area or has been taken far away by the hapless thieves driving it.
  • Vehicle Dash Cams – A dash cam can record your driving and provide evidence in the event of an accident. Vehicle dash cams can also be very helpful if you are involved in a dispute with another driver.
  • Vehicle Immobilisers – As a vehicle immobiliser fitting specialist we can install a security device that makes it far more difficult for thieves to steal your car. Vehicle immobilisers work by disabling the engine if the correct code is not entered.

What are the advantages of used car sales / second hand car sales?

There are many advantages to avoiding first hand listings in favour of used car sales or second hand car sales. These include:

  • Lower Cost – On the simplest of levels, second hand car sales and used car sales are typically much cheaper than new vehicles. This can save Bognor Regis residents a significant amount of money.
  • More Variety – There is a wider variety of used vehicles available than new vehicles. This means you are more likely to find a vehicle that meets your needs and budget.
  • Less Depreciation – Used vehicles depreciate less than new vehicles. This means you will lose less money if you decide to sell your vehicle in the future.

With any further questions for Sounds The Business, Bognor Regis motorists can contact us on 01903 899 337 (second hand car sales), or 01903 732775 (car audio and car security upgrades).

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